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neisd schools celebrate 100 days

Scroll through the articles or click one of the school names to learn more about their celebrations. Camelot, Coker, Jackson-Keller, Las Lomas, and Oak Grove.


Camelot has a Happy 100 Days

Camelot Elementary School had a very" Happy 100th Day of School" celebration on Feb. 6. Around the school, you saw students with 100-day paper sunglasses, 100-day party hats and some students were even sporting "I am 100 days Smarter" t-shirts!

Many classrooms were doing 100th day math lessons, 100th day stories and other fun activities. In the school library, students that had participated in a 100-day reading challenge were honored. The lower grades kept a 100-day reading calendar and older students kept a 100-day Reader's Response journal. Those students that completed the challenge were put into a drawing for an e-reader! Hip, Hip, Hooray! They had an awesome 100th school day!



Coker tradition continues

The Coker Elementary School tradition continued today with the celebration of 100 days of school. The Leadership Team came to school today as 100-year-old ladies in order to help celebrate the festivities. They were the main focus on the morning announcements.

The kindergarten classes prepared vests with 100 items on them and paraded around the school. The old ladies marched along side them and they were able to finish the parade.

The leadership team consists of Tiffany Gill, Karmen Chavez, Andrea Harris, Lupe Negley, Marcela Csitkovits, Adriene Long and Regina Perez.



Jackson-Keller celebrates 100 days

Jackson-Keller Elementary School students celebrate 100 days of school in colorful ways.





Las Lomas kick off 100 days with a parade and song

Las Lomas Elementary School kindergarten students celebrated the 100th day of school on Wednesday, Feb. 6. The day began with a 100th Day Parade where kindergartners had an opportunity to display their creative t-shirts of 100 items.

In the classroom, students wrote a bucket list of the top 10 things they hope to do before they turn 100. They also completed projects, such as creating gumball machines with 100 gumballs, necklaces with 100 fruit loops and 100 day crowns.

In music class, students sang and danced to "100 Days of School". We had a great day of learning at Las Lomas!

To see the video of Las Lomas students singing "100 Days of School," click the link HERE.



Oak Grove creates collages

Oak Grove Elementary School students celebrated the 100th day of school by creating collages made of different items. Teachers decorated their classrooms and students presented their collages to the classes.

Kindergarten teacher Dorothea Flannagan asked her students,"How does working and creating this collage create leadership in you."

Students displayed their work and gave a brief presentation.


Posted on Feb. 6, 2013