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Army sergeant surprises daughter in class

It might have been the most exciting thing to ever happen in math class for third grader Sophia Easterly. Her father, Sgt. Chad Easterly, surprised his daughter at Huebner Elementary School, Thursday, October 24.

Watch the reunion:

Sgt. Easterly just returned from serving in Bagram, Afghanistan. They had not seen each in more than a year. She was waiting for him to visit for Christmas, but she had no idea he would show up in her class.

Sgt. Easterly said Sophia had asked him why he never surprised her at school like the military dads she sees on the news. He thought this would be the perfect time to make that happen. The pair planned to spend the day together before he had to leave.

Huebner Military Surprise

Huebner Military Surprise Huebner Military Surprise

Posted on October 24, 2013