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Madison and Roosevelt seniors serve as guest speakers

Actor, filmmaker, and philanthropist Tyler Perry recently wrote, “If you are a giver of whatever you have time, money, love, help, whatever it is if you plant it in pureness it has got to come back to you. It may take a while but you will reap a harvest from that seed.”

On Friday, Feb. 8, over 20 outstanding High School seniors from Madison and Roosevelt High Schools, served as guest speakers for the Multicultural Celebration at Ed White Middle School. "Look Out World, Here We Come, If I Can Do It So Can You," was the theme and message the seniors passed on to the middle school students.

The diversified panel of students was lead by Kervin Brown of Madison, who signed a football scholarship with Northwestern Oklahoma State University while, Roosevelt High Student Council President, Benito Pelayo lead with his plans to attend college in Japan after graduation.

The messages passed on were very profound to include a message from Galen McAllister of Madison. He told the students he plays football, sings, enrolled in AP classes and the importance of good grades and he has accepted an academic scholarship to Yale University.

Several of the students spoke of having hard times at home while in middle school, single parent homes, some admitted to bad grades and not taking school seriously at one time. The seniors planted seeds; they urged the students to listen to teachers, take their classes seriously and to be involved in extracurricular activities. Many of the Roosevelt seniors were former students of Ed White.

The choir began the program with a song and a poem was read by Math teacher April Tracy and 8th grader, Brooke Finch performed a beautiful ballet dance performance. In giving all the students a taste of the college Greek life, step performances were performed by members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., to include faculty members Brent Hildebrand and Lorenzo Hayes. The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and teachers, Nicole Monet and Vida Floyd along with other sorority members Kia Bailey and Lisa Theilengerdes rounded off the performances.

Student performs a ballet dance.
Eighth grader, Brooke Finch, displays her ballet skills.

Posted on Feb. 27, 2013