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MacArthur celebrates world water day

MacArthur High School is doing its part to raise awareness about the water-energy connection in our world. MacArthur's AP Environmental Science and Pre-AP Biology classes participated in the United Nation's World Water Day, March 21.

Teachers Alicia Mein-Johnson and Melissa Koleda discussed waterborne pathogens, clean water issues, and international projects with their classes. Classes simulated what many youth do around the world by walking to get clean water. Students were also challenged to skip their Starbucks or Taco House tea and, instead drink water and donate the money to fund a water well in Africa. MacArthur faculty and students were encouraged to donate to Villages of Hope.World Water DayStudents participated in activities for World Water Day and raised money for Villages of Hope.
World Water Day at MacArthur High School

World Water Day

Posted on March 25, 2014