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Macarthur welcomes spurs player danny green for psa

On Thursday, Dec. 6, San Antonio Spurs player Danny Green visited MacArthur High School to film an anti-bullying public service announcement (PSA) with the students.

As part of the Spurs' Team Up Challenge, the MacArthur Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) students, and the Go Green Club were each awarded a $2,500 grant to complete Team Up projects.

The recycling club is developing a recycling program for the campus, while the PALs are producing an anti-bullying campaign.

Green visited the campus on Thursday to meet the students and co-star in the PSAs with them.

When asked by one of the students why he was participating, Green said, "It's important to give back, especially to young kids. I enjoy being able to make these visits."

He also added that he, along with most individuals, was a victim of bullying as a child.





Posted on December 12, 2012