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Macarthur students witness dangers of drinking & driving

VIDEO 1: Shattered Dreams Crash Scene
VIDEO 2: MacArthur holds a memorial for student

You get an unexpected knock on the door and as you open it, two San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officers stand in front of you. The seriousness in their eyes tells you what happened before you hear one word.   Before you know it, the officer is speaking and in your puzzled state you learn your child was just killed in a car crash.

It’s an unfortunate event that happens far too often in San Antonio and it is MacArthur High School’s hope to prevent this tragedy by changing the mindset students have when getting behind the wheel. The school invited the renowned driver safety program “Shattered Dreams” to its campus on Feb. 28, to remind their students of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. The SAPD, San Antonio Fire Department, EMS and AirLIFE were on hand to take part in the very realistic car crash reenactment. 

Click here to watch the video.

The sounds of police sirens, fire trucks and EMS were ear piercing. The drunk driver, portrayed by a MacArthur student, was arrested and booked by SAPD. Students acting as injured victims were evaluated by EMS and AirLIFE, while those portraying deceased victims were carried away in a hearse. A handful of students were made-up in white faces and donned black shirts to symbolize the lives lost to unsafe driving. 

“I’ve been in policing for 38 years and I’ve seen it for 38 years,” said Police Chief Bill McManus who was present to speak to the students. “Don’t let this fade from your mind. Every time you get behind the wheel, your parents are scared to death…please don’t forget what happened here today.”

The “Shattered Dreams” program comes to MacArthur not long after the tragic deaths of three local teenagers due to car crashes.

 “It really hit home with all the wrecks happening around the city,” said MacArthur student Steven Baker. “If they do make the decision to drink, don’t get behind the wheel.”

“This program is relevant because we have spring break coming up and we know the students will be going out,” said MacArthur Principal Pete Martinez. “We want them all back safely.”

The next day, the campus held assemblies to remember the memory of Alexandria Haynes, the student who lost her life in the crash scene. The assembly brought the program full circle for many of the students. To watch a video of Alexandria's reaction to the event, click here.

A car crash is staged to depict the consequences of drinking and driving.MacArthur students portrayed deceased victims at the scene of a car crash.

Officers and firemen clear out the vehicle in preperation to remove the body.Police officers and firemen work to clear the vehicle in order to safely remove the body.

Officers cover the body of a student portraying a deceased victim.EMS and SAFD cover the body of a student portraying a deceased victim.

Students look on with shock and amazement as the scene unfolds.Students look on with shock and amazement as the scene unfolds before their eyes.

SAPD officers arrest and detain the student portraying a drunk driver. The drunk driver is emotional after being arrested and booked by SAPD.

Emergency personnel use the SAFD and EMS used the "jaws of life" to remove a severely injured victim from the crash.

Students witness a deceased victim being placed in a hearse.Students witness a deceased victim being placed in a hearse.

Chief McManus addresses the students.Chief William McManus addresses the students on drinking & driving and driver safety.

Students adorned white face make-up to portray deceased victims. Students adorned white face make-up to portray deceased victims.

Emergency personnel take a victim out on a stretcher.Emergency personnel place the victim on a gurney to place into the ambulance.

AirLIFE comes into the scene to take victim to hospital.AirLIFE comes into the scene to take one of the severely injured victims to the hospital.

Emergency personnel take the victim to the helicopter.Emergency personnel take the injured victim to the helicopter.

Posted on Mar. 1, 2013