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Macarthur hosts visiting korean teachers

MacArthur High School opened their classrooms and homes to five South Korean teachers visiting the United States by means of the Fulbright Program.

MacArthur teachers Roberta Saldana, Belinda Hollifield, and Tina Barajas hosted these teachers in their homes for the duration of their two week stay in San Antonio.

South Korean teachers Hee-won Kim, Jin-Kyxung Bae, Ji-yeong Kim, Bok-ja Han, and Kyung-hee Choi came to the United States to observe the American public education system.

While at MacArthur High School, visitors saw both core area classes and electives offered on campus.

Our host teachers also arranged activities for our guests to highlight the culture of San Antonio as well.

MacArthur students also benefited from the experience. The teachers answered questions about culture and the educational system in their home country.

Posted on Feb. 14, 2013