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MacArthur students bond at camp mickey d's

Seven MacArthur High School students are flipping burgers and learning a valuable lesson inside a local McDonald's restaurant.

The students signed up for a five-day work training program at Camp Mickey D's. Everyday at 8 a.m. they arrived at the restaurant at Jones Maltsberger and Thousand Oaks. Over the course of five days, they say they feel much more prepared for the workforce.

"Be on time. Dress appropriately. Work well with others," said Tyler Crick, sophomore at MacArthur. He said those things will make a difference no matter where you work.

"This is not about learning to work at McDonald's," said Carolyn James, teacher at Harris Middle School. "It's concepts that work anywhere."

Each day they learned a new aspect of the job: customer service, cleanliness and sanitation, teamwork, and job readiness. James and MacArthur teacher Danya Martin worked with the students and McDonald's staff to cover the business concepts.

The teachers saw a change in the students and how they worked together. One students said she learned she couldn't be shy. She had to start talking loud and clear to be able to communicate with the team.

On the final day of the camp, students filled out job applications and went through an interview with the restaurant manager. Some of them may be offered jobs with the company.

Students said they feel much more confident in their abilities to get and keep a good job.

"I learned to smile a lot. It makes the customer feel like they can come back," said Matthew LeJeune, junior at MacArthur. "And it makes me feel pretty happy."

MacArthur attends Camp Mickey D's.

Students learned to work together and communicate through a variety of activities.

Students and teachers learned at Camp Mickey D's.

MacArthur students ready for graduation at Camp Mickey D's.

Students learned to make their own lunches.

Students got hands-on training at the restaurant.

Students learned to make their own lunches.

Students showed off the lunches they made themselves.

Posted on June 14, 2013