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Macarthur football gets set for brahmalympics

The MacArthur High School Football players are competing in the 1st Annual Brahmalympics! They have been divided into teams and are competing for overall team points to win the competition. This is an opportunity for these young men to compete not only in physical competitions but also to challenge their discipline, dedication and character.

On Saturday, Mar. 23 the teams volunteered to come up for a MacArthur clean up day. This community service will add to their point totals that also include team overall weight lifting max, forty and agility times, attendance, classroom discipline, grades, as well as, community service.

More Brahmalympics to come! Go Brahmas!

MacArthur football cleans up the campusPart of Brahmalympics is community service and team work which this poster illustrates.

Posted on Mar. 26, 2013