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Lopez leaders named Principals of the Year

Lopez Middle School Principal Dr. Barry Lanford has been named Principal of the Year by The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP) Region 20. Lopez Assistant Principal Pete Darnall has been named Assistant Principal of the Year.

The Region 20 members voted on these outstanding leaders at the March meeting.

Lanford and Darnall are excellent administrators who are dedicated to their students and staff. Dr. Lanford was awarded the H-E-B Excellence in Education award in February. Both Lanford and Darnall agreed to be incentives for a school fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Dr. Lanford and Mr. Darnall were good sports as students purchased strips of duct tape and whip cream cupcakes to “Stick it to Leukemia” and “Whip Leukemia” on the Lopez concourse.

TASSP Region 20 will honor Lanford and Darnall June 2014 to give them time to apply for State honors.

Dr. Lanford receiving the HEB award

Dr. Lanford shaking hands with H-E-Buddy at the H-E-B Excellence in Education awards.

Pete Darnall assistant principal

Mr. Darnall was named Assistant Principal of the Year by TASSP Region 20.

Lanford duct taped to wall for fundraiser

Dr. Lanford was duct taped to the wall for a fundraiser.

Darnall whipped cream cupcakes at fundraiser

Mr. Darnall was a good sport during the whipped cream cupcake throwing by students.

Posted on March 21, 2013