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Lopez celebrates successful anti-bully week

The first annual Lopez Middle School Anti-Bully Week proved to be a huge success! To bring about learning and awareness and to help minimize bullying at Lopez Middle School, activities were held the entire week. Our students in athletics wore blue to symbolize peace as they created a human peace symbol.

During all three lunches, our new anti-bully club - Do Something L.A.B. (Lopez Against Bullies) - signed up over 1,273 students to take the Bully Free Pledge which included having their names go on Peace Signs that were then hung in their respective grade houses. Students also received a blue peace wrist band which they proudly wore all week.

Different dress-up days were also held throughout the week to get students and staff involved in our anti-bully movement. Jose’ M. Lopez MS, being a recently designated "Schools to Watch Middle School," will continue to commit to a bully free environment where education and fun go hand in hand for an awesome middle school experience.

Lopez creates a giant peace sign. Lopez athletic students wore blue to symbolize peace as they created this giant peace sign.

Posted on Feb. 27, 2013