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krueger visited by tim dirk, former spurs coyote

Tim Dirk (also known as San Antonio Spurs' first Coyote) visited Krueger Middle School on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013. He spoke to a group of City Year participants, as well as a group of Falcon athletes. Tim told our students the choices they make now will make a difference in their future.

"It may not matter what flavor of Route 44 you choose to drink but it does matter who you choose as your friends,” said Dirk.

He encouraged students to develop excellent work ethic and drove this message home by sharing stories of courage and determination of current and past Spurs players.

" Thank you Mr. Dirk for visiting our Krueger students and for encouraging and motivating them to give their best work in all they do," said Rachel Castillo, Krueger family specialist.


Posted on Feb. 6, 2013