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Krueger TEAM BELIEVE studies artwork of Jackson Pollock

Date: Nov. 1 - 2

Students of seventh grade "TEAM BELIEVE" at Krueger Middle School are studying the works of the artist Jackson Pollock to incorporate symbolism and imagery into their writing. On Nov. 1 and 2, the team will participate in an integrated project where they will create their own paintings inspired by the styles of Pollock.

Krueger is a Title I school. This will be the second year that the seventh graders will do this project. The main purpose of this project is to give the students an opportunity to apply the complex concepts of symbolism and constructing multi-layered analogies to a product that will bring them artistic pride and acclaim.

The project begins with an in-depth study of Pollock’s life, artistic techniques, and place/value within the artistic world. The next area of study is an intensive examination of colors and their variations. They will focus upon the different meanings that each color carries with it. From this point, the students/artists begin to prepare a blueprint for their group’s painting. The groups are composed of three to four students.

Each painting is planned with a theme in mind. Each color used is picked for its symbolic value and connotations. Each group must also decide how each layer will be applied. They will use a variety of applicators (paint stirrer, carpenter pencil, #2 pencil, traditional brushes for splatters, and specialized brushes by Liquitex that are made to replicate Pollock’s style) that all produce a varied effect upon the application of the paint to the canvas. Each one of these applicator choices is tied to the symbolic meaning that each color is intended to convey.

Each group is to produce one 24” x 48” painting that will be entered into at least two art shows. The first art show is currently being planned and slated for some kind of collaboration with RackSpace. The second art show is still to be determined.

Each painting will be accompanied by a symbolic analysis page. In addition to the large painting, each member of each group will take a home an 11” x 14” sister-painting (a painting that is laid side-by-side next to the original 24” x 48” canvas when it is painted).

Contact Benjamin Femmel for more information at (210) 650-1350.

Posted on October 25, 2012