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ksat students accepted into nasa student launch initiative

For the fifth time, the Krueger School of Applied Technologies(KSAT) has been accepted as a member of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Student Launch Initiative. Students Coral, Tim, Jacob, Sanjana, Becky, Veronica, Victoria, Lila, Asa, Samantha, and Enrique are already working hard to meet NASA’s demands for this year’s project.

"The NASA Student Launch Initiative (SLI) challenges middle and high school students to design, build and launch a reusable rocket with a scientific or engineering payload to one mile above ground level (AGL.) The project engages students in scientific research and real-world engineering processes with NASA engineers.

Teams can qualify to participate in the SLI by placing in the top ranks at the Rockets for Schools competition (Level 2) held in Wisconsin or at the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) held in Virginia.

Students propose to participate in SLI during the fall. Once selected, teams design their rocket and payload throughout the academic year. SLI requires a NASA review of the teams' preliminary and critical designs. The project also requires flight readiness and safety reviews before the rockets and payloads are approved for launch. Teams complete a Post-Launch Assessment Review to include conclusions from their science or engineering experiment and the overall flight performance. The Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review and Flight Readiness Review are conducted by a panel of scientists and engineers from NASA, NASA contractors and external partners.


2012-2013 NASA Student Launch Initiative Teams

Durham Area Rocketry Team -- Durham, N.C.
Falls Church High School -- Falls Church, Va.
Harmony Magnet Academy -- Strathmore, Calif.
Katalyst for Katastrophy -- Spring Grove, Ill.
Krueger School of Applied Technologies -- San Antonio, Texas
Lake Braddock Secondary School -- Burke, Va.
Lake Zurich High School -- Lake Zurich, Ill.
Lucy Rede Franco Middle School -- Presidio, Texas
Madison West High School Irradiance -- Madison, Wis.
Madison West High School Sound -- Madison, Wis.
Millington High School -- Millington, Mich.
Minster Junior/Senior High School -- Minster, Ohio
Oak Park High School -- Oak Park, Calif.
Plantation High School -- Plantation, Fla.
Rockwall Heath High School -- Heath, Texas
Spring Grove Area High School -- Spring Grove, Pa.
St. Anthony's High School -- South Huntington, N.Y.
St. Vincent-St. Mary High School -- Akron, Ohio
Thomas Jefferson High School -- Alexandria, Va.
Victory Christian Center -- Charlotte, N.C.
Waverly-Shell Rock High School -- Waverly, Iowa


Posted on November 15, 2012