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johnson hosts driving safety day

Johnson High School is getting serious about driving safety. The Johnson PTA organized a huge event on campus that offered students a chance to see how dangerous it is to be distracted behind the wheel.

To watch video from the event, click here.

Students visited with police, paramedics, firefighters, insurance companies, and driving safety organizations to learn how to stay safe on the roads.

Students took driving tests on computer simulators that showed what it is like to drive drunk. They were also able to wear "drunk goggles" to see how much vision is impaired when they have been drinking.

Some of the students pledged not to text and drive by putting their name and thumbprint on a poster.

Miss San Antonio 2013 Brooklyn Dippo spoke to students about the dangers of texting and driving.

San Antonio Police Department Chief Bill McManus spoke to the teens during their lunch. He urged them to focus when they drive. He wanted them to know that drinking, texting or speeding while driving is not worth risking their lives.

Chief McManus also informed students that passengers have the right to tell the driver not to text, speed or drink while driving.

PTA President Shannon Moravits said 12 teens are killed every day on the roads. She hopes this event will make an impact on students and save lives.

Moravits said parents also need to set a good example for their children.

Johnson plans to host this event again next year.

Johnson Driving Safety Day Drunk Goggles

Students tries to walk the line with "drunk goggles".

Johnson Driving Safety Day Rollover Simulator

Students watch rollover simulator eject dummy passenger.

Johnson Driving Safety Day Texting Pledge

Students take pledge not to text and drive.

Johnson Driving Safety Day Driving Test

Student takes distracted driving test.

Johnson Driving Safety Day Chief Miss SA

Chief Bill McManus and Miss San Antonio speak to Johnson students.

Johnson Driving Safety Day chief speech

Chief Bill McManus urges teens to focus and stay safe on the roads.

Johnson Driving Safety Day texting pledge

Teens pledge to not text and drive.

Posted on Feb. 20, 2013