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Johnson band food drive a success

Not only does the Claudia Taylor Johnson Band perform well on the field, but off the field the band has also had success. This past August, the band held its first ever food drive to benefit the San Antonio Food Bank.

“We are fortunate to have so much support from the community so we wanted to find a way to give back,” said Lauren Chaloupka, vice president of events and activities for the band. Chaloupka spearheaded the food drive.

Band members set a collection goal of 800 pounds of food. During the three weeks of band camp, band members were encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items. A section challenge was created to persuade students to bring in donations. The tuba section--one of the smallest in numbers of students--brought in the most food. To further entice students to meet their goal, the band directors promised to let the students “pie” their faces.

Finally, at the end of the three-week drive, the mounds of food were collected and driven over to the food bank. Chaloupka said she was nervous as the food was weighed, but was relieved to find out the band met their goal with 803 pounds of food…thanks to the six pounds of peanut butter discovered at the last minute.

The band is planning to hold two more service projects throughout the school year.

Johnson band food drive a successJohnson band food drive a success

Posted on October 9, 2012