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Jackson-Keller hosts 2nd annual bike rodeo

For the second year in a row, Jackson Keller Elementary had over 150 students participate in their annual Bike Rodeo.  The Bike Rodeo, which is coordinated by Officer Gordon Keough of the San Antonio Police Department, is a common sight at many elementary schools all across Texas. 

Lee PALS and Parent volunteers were assisting with the course, 5th grade Safety Patrol were assisting the participants and the Jackson-Keller Spirit Team was cheering every student.  The community showed up and took pictures of their little bicycle buck-a-roos as they were receiving their ribbons from Assistant Principal Drew Hall.

In the end it was a truly enjoyable experience, not only for the bike riders who were involved, but for the entire school and surrounding community who were able to come out to watch and cheer for their favorite Jackrabbit.

Kids on bikes.

Girl on bike.

Jackson Keller student on bike.

Student on bike.

Posted on April 19, 2013