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isa participates in women in science workshop

On Mar. 26, 24 sophomore girls from the International School of the Americas (ISA) spent an afternoon at Trinity University participating in the Women in Science Workshop. This event, created by the Trinity University Chemistry and Education departments in partnership with ISA, exposed students to both the opportunities and possibilities of pursuing science, as well as a college degree. Bonnie Brawner, ISA Chemistry teacher, described this workshop as “an opportunity for more girls to envision themselves in science-related majors or careers, especially young women who may not have had a strong science background, or may not have had opportunities like this available to them before.”

In addition to receiving tours by members of the Trinity Education Department and TWIST of the Trinity University campus and their new Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI), students were also able to eat lunch at one of Trinity’s dining halls and participate in a chemistry lab.

“The tour allowed me to view a campus that is not only small and beautiful, but in our own city," said Mia Benavidez, ISA student. "The tour of the science building helped me decipher that Trinity is a possible university for me to attend in order to excel in the science and technology field, along with the other core subjects.”

During the lab portion of the workshop, students partnered with a current Trinity University student to conduct a lab in Trinity’s new CSI building, to test the UV absorption spectrums of various dyes, including commercially-made and natural dyes.

When reflecting on the lab, ISA sophomore Gabby Harrell stated, “I really like being able to test a number of different things without a bell ringing, or without being worried about the end of class.”


ISA students get hands on at a Trinity University Wom'en in Science Workshop.

Posted on April 10, 2013