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isa students display alters for itc exhibit

The Institute of Texan Cultures asked students from the International School of the Americas Global Art class to participate in their exhibit, “Honor: Student Remembrances Through Altars” by preparing a series of altars that will be displayed at the museum for Dia de los Muertos.

Students began this project by researching how cultures honor and remember the dead. This process allowed students to interpret the theme of “remembrance” in order to recognize similarities across cultures and engage in conversations about the ways humans express honor, remembrance and mourning. After their exploration of ancestral veneration in art around the world, students began to plan, design and create a personal remembrance which allowed them to further explore how art is used to express feelings, and how to further develop their ability to communicate and express personal experiences. The personal remembrance altars created for the exhibit include elements from Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese traditions and honor and remember family members, scientists, former presidents, musicians, and more.

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with visitors as they explain their inspiration and interpretation of the "remembrance" theme during the exhibit's family day in October. The altars will be displayed at the Institute of Texan Cultures from Oct. 13 through Nov. 4.

Please click here to visit the following site to view photographs of their alters.

Posted on October 12, 2012