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huebner students participate in leadership world cafe

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, fourth graders at Huebner Elementary School participated in a World Cafe on leadership coordinated by fourth-grade teacher Stefanie Hicks; Carol Mendenhall, from the Asia Society; and GT Teacher Daryn Polanco.

A World Cafe consisted of three rounds of conversation at three different tables with 15 minutes in each round. Then there was a large group collective harvesting of ideas that lasted 20 minutes. Mrs. Mendenhall was gracious enough to bring 15 students from the International School of the Americas to help facilitate the table discussions. The students talked about the following three questions:
1) What are some good things leaders in the world do?
2) What are some things that leaders do in the world that aren’t good leadership skills? and
3) What can you do as a leader at Huebner to make it a better school?

Then the group brought big ideas from their table back to the whole group in a group harvesting event. Finally, the students were asked to write elaborated ideas about the following topic:

“How can you be a leader that can change the world for the better?”

These writings will be used to select a panel of 10 fourth-grade students to take place in a Global Forum at Trinity University later in the spring.


Posted on Feb. 8, 2013