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harris garden club teaches community classes

The Harris Middle School Green Team is teaching teachers everything they know about gardening. The Green Team has hosted severa; gardening classes for teachers and the community.

The Harris Community Garden started in 2010 under the direction of teachers Lacey Trevino and Loryn Windwehen. They came together to lay out many goals for the program, and collaborated so that the garden could be what it is today.

One of the goals that they had from the beginning of the project was to draw community members in to the school by way of a garden. Their methods for attracting members included: garden clean-up days, student grown Farmers' Markets, and community education classes on various gardening techniques.

This year, they have been able to teach three very successful classes to their community, including How To Compost, How to Vermicompost, and How To Prepare and Plant a Spring Garden.

Due to its large outreach, all types of educators from all over Bexar County have attended. Members of the community leave inspired, excited, and feel connected to the school. What makes these classes so special is that they are co-taught by the sponsors and Green Team students.

Trevino, Windwehen, and the Green Team students are so grateful that they are able to use their garden to bridge the community together with their school and see their vision unfolding.

Harris Garden Club

Green Team students showed a group of teachers how to use red worms in their compost.

Harris Green Team

Loryn Windwehen teaches a class on vermicomposting.

Harris Garden Club



The Harris Green Team poses in front of their Team Up Challenge billboard.

Harris Green TeamThe community garden at Harris Middle School

Posted on April 7, 2014