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Harmony hills and the power of the written word

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, the second grade students in Mrs. Yolanda Van Ness’ class at Harmony Hills Elementary wrote letters to the second graders at P.S. 333/Goldie Maple Academy in Far Rockaway, N.Y. The letters were sent in the form of a bound book, and they expressed concern and compassion for the students in N.Y. that were affected by the storm.

This week, the students from Harmony Hills received letters in return from the students at P.S. 333. The letters expressed gratitude for the thoughtfulness and concern from students clear across the country.

One of the students wrote the following:

Dear Second Grade Students,

Thank you for the comfort you gave us. It encouraged us to move on and put the past behind us. It was a hardship facing this storm. Now we have food and supplies. Once again thank you for your concern about us. “

This simple writing experience proved to be a real-life lesson on the “power of the written word.”

Mrs. Van Ness' class is proud of their achievement.Harmony Hills students take a photo holding the letter's from Goldie Maple Academy.

Posted on April 2, 2013