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Garner welcomes new sheriff at anti-bully rally

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Garner Middle School is taking a strong stand against bullying. The school hosted its second anti-bully rally on Friday, Feb. 15. Students learned to recognize bullying and what to do when it happens.

Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau spoke to sixth-grade students about her experiences with bullies, and how she overcame to become successful in life.

"Even though someone hurts you, don't continue it," said Sheriff Pamerleau. "Go tell someone. Tell an adult like a parent, teacher or coach."

The Reagan High School student council explained to students the different types of bullying: physical, isolation, cyber, verbal, and relationship and friendship. They also shared how to stop bullying.

-Tell a trusted adult.

-Don't fight back.

-Block the bully.

-Focus on the good in your life.

Guest speakers Deputy Chief Tammy Burr and Sergeant Yvonne Vann spoke to students at the assembly.

The Garner Jazz Band, Garner Theater, Garner Choir also participated at the rally.

Garner anti-bully rally

Sheriff Susan Pamerleau and Superintendent Dr. Brian Gottardy attended the rally with students.

Garner anti-bully rally

Garner Choir performed at the anti-bully rally.

Garner anti-bully rally

Reagan High School student council spoke to students about types of bullying.

Garner anti-bully rally guest speakers

Sgt. Vann, Sheriff Pamerleau and Deputy Chief Burr spoke to students at anti-bully rally.

Posted on Feb. 15, 2013