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El Rey Feo LXV brings "Bling" to El Dorado

On the morning of Apr. 9, hundreds of students lined-up along El Dorado Elementary School’s front entrance holding festive decorations and shaking maracas in anticipation for the arrival of a special visitor. The welcome was fit for a king – not just any king – “the People’s King,” El Rey Feo LXV.  This year’s Rey Feo, Larry Benson, Sr., and his royal court made a stop at the campus to promote Fiesta 2013 and to recognize Susan Peery, principal at El Dorado, staff and students for their hard work and dedication to learning.

The presentation took place in the gymnasium where nearly 700 students, from kindergarten through fifth grade, learned about Larry Benson’s journey to becoming a leader in the auto industry and San Antonio community. Select students held up car parts that signified the essential aspects of education, such as the students representing the engine of the campus.

To honor Rey Feo and his royal court, the campus presented their “All STAAR Remix” video, which features students singing and dancing to popular songs and was created to motivate students to do well on their STAAR testing. The event ended with a “shout off” with each side of the gym competing for coveted Fiesta medals. After each side belted out “Viva,” Rey Feo decided to give everyone a shiny new medal.

El Rey Feo speaks to the children of El Dorado El Rey Feo LXV tells the students that they will be competing for shiny Fiesta medals.

Rey feo congratulates student.Rey Feo recognizes third grader Raven Martinez for working with her mother to arrange the visit.

Susan Perry gets a surprise.Principal Susan Perry stole a hug and a surprise kiss on the cheek from Rey Feo!

Rey Feo say's goodbye to the students.
Rey Feo gives a goodbye high-five to the students.

Posted on April 9, 2013