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Tejeda qualifies for State UIL meet

Tejeda Middle School’s academic team participated in the first of three Texas Math & Science Coach’s Association (TMCA) State qualifier meets at Eisenhower Middle School, Feb. 23. Tejeda took first place in the meet and had 19 students qualify for the State meet on Apr. 6 at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

The TMSCA State meet consists of four academic events: Number Sense, Calculator, Math and Science. Students must meet minimum qualifying scores on each test to qualify for the State Meet.

Sixth grader Nicole F. qualified in three of the four events: Calculator, Math and Science. She was the only Tejeda student to qualify in three events.

Seven additional sixth graders qualified in at least one event – Katherine B., Diksha J., Alexander L., Quinn M., SaiSankalp N., Tanvi T., and Taylor Z. Seventh graders Tyler G. qualified in Math and Kevin G qualified in Science. Nine eighth grade students qualified for State. Alex G., Angel H., James L., Colin M., John N., Katie W., Ian X., Jonathan Y., and Derek Z. all qualified in at least one event.

Another qualifying meet is scheduled for Saturday, Mar. 9 at Medina Valley Middle School in Castroville.

Posted on Mar. 7, 2013