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East Terrell hills students learn bullying is no joke

video: Lucha libre at east terrell hills

“There is nothing funny or good about bullying.” That was the overall message Thursday, April 4, as more than 350 students at East Terrell Hills Elementary School received an anti-bullying message in an unusual, fun and effective way.

Typically a student may expect a professional speaker or educator to discuss bullying – but not today. Instead students got two “Luchastars” from The Lucha Libre USA Tour. Mini Park sported a skeletal costume and Lizmark, Jr. donned a red and black mask. As part of the Masked Warriors Battle Bullying program, the luchadores – known as enemies in the ring – set aside their differences to teach students that bullying is unacceptable.

“When I was a young boy I was bullied in school,” said Lizmark, Jr. to the pre-k through second grade students. “As a child, I wish I could have spoken up and told my teacher and parents about it.”

The presentation featured a short demonstration of what it takes to get in the ring with Mini Park and Lizmark, Jr. The kids got a kick out of yelling, “Ding, ding, ding,” at the count of three as they cheered in amazement at what the “superheroes” could do. 

The Lucha Libre USA Tour was also there to pitch its big show at the Alamodome Sunday night. Every student was promised a free ticket to the show – solidifying this positive experience for the students.

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Mini Park stands in front of students.The students learned why it's not cool to be a bully from Mini Park during his speech.  

Mini Park and Lizmark, Jr. get in the ring.The students look on with excitement as the two 'luchastars' prepare to battle.

Student were told to not try this at home.Students enjoyed the demonstration and were told "Do not try this at home."

Posted on April 4, 2013