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driscoll celebrates kindness week

DATE: Feb. 11-15
TIME: varies
LOCATION: driscoll ms, 17150 Jones Maltsberger

Driscoll Middle School is recognizing Bully Awareness Week on Feb. 11-15, 2013.  In doing so, they hope to spread kindness throughout their campus and community.

1. Their theme is "Start a Chain Reaction of Kindness."

2. They will challenge the students and staff to perform at least five acts of kindness that week—at least one per day. They will then record each act of kindness on a paper strip and turn it in to a box with no names.

One box will be in the cafeteria. Another will be in the teachers’ lounge.  The strips will be used to make a paper chain to hang in the foyer.  They will continue the acts of kindness and paper strips all spring, with individuals recording nice things that they have witnessed around our school and community.  They can see the paper chain get longer and longer, reminding them of the kindnesses happening all around and encouraging the school community to be kind to one another.

3. There will be a theme for each day of Bully Awareness Week. Paper strips would be available at lunch and decorated box to receive kindness records all week. NJHS members and PALs will staff the tables. 

Monday 2/11—Take the anti-bullying pledge at lunch and get a pink ribbon/yarn for wrist.

Tuesday 2/12—Aloha!  (means friendly, hospitable, welcoming)  Dress Hawaiian and make someone feel welcome today.

Wednesday 2/13—Mix it up Day- Wear mix-matched clothes, and sit with someone different at lunch.

Thursday 2/14—Wear Pink Day—Wear pink" Stand Up and Defend" shirt or something pink.

Friday 2/15—Give Peace a Chance.—Wear tie-dye or clothes with peace signs.


For more information, contact Misty Ptasnik at 356-3243.

Posted on Feb. 11, 2013