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dellview leadership mission is thriving

The Dellview Elementary School community has embraced Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Dellview is currently in its second year as a Leader In Me school. All the teachers have been trained, the staff is communicating the habits to all students and parents, and Leadership murals are coming alive.

Thanks to Natalie Love Adams and Joel Munoz from Atalina’s Murals and Illustrations (, we have creative and inspiring murals that have one goal in mind — to teach our community about Leadership! We started with basic murals at the entrance of the school that focused on Leadership and our Dolphin ocean theme. We continued into our hallways with The 7 Habits Tree.

Adams’ latest project tells a story about how students can be leaders and effectively model the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. As the murals became alive, the Dellview community was eager to see the next stage of every masterpiece and our story. Each day as our students entered the cafeteria in the morning, it was exciting to see everyone’s enthusiasm and discussion on the beautiful artwork that was created. The end result was priceless and absolutely amazing. This is only the beginning, as we continue with our Leader In Me journey. We are one step closer in becoming a Lighthouse school!

Dellview_Mural1 Dellview_Mural2


Posted on November 15, 2012