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Dellview Leaders head to the ocean

Dellview Leaders head to the ocean Dellview Elementary School Leaders headed to the ocean on a field trip of a life time at the end of October. Members of the San Antonio Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and Texas Parks and Wildlife made it possible for Dellview’s fifth grade students to go on a field trip to Corpus Christi. Their sponsorship funded the entire project.

In addition to all expenses being paid, students received a t-shirt to commemorate their trip and remind them to always take care of our environment.

"It was the first time many of our students had visited the Texas coast or fished," said Beth Vacek, Dellview counselor. "Their excitement, curiosity, laughter and inquisitiveness demonstrated how much fun learning can truly be."

The students' field trip consisted of the following:

  • Visit to the Texas State Aquarium
  • Eating lunch at the Water’s Edge food court
  • Touring the CCA/CPL Marine Development Center
  • Fishing in “Catch and Release” brood ponds
  • Visiting the McGee Beach in downtown Corpus and finding seashells on the water’s edge.

Everyone involved felt the students learned a great deal about the coast, marine life, fishing and conservation.

"I completely enjoyed myself at the Texas State Aquarium," said Mr. Dimotsis, a parent chaperone. "The Marine Development Center and the fishing was a chance of a lifetime for me and my son.”

Students had a variety comments about their experience:

"This was my first time going to Corpus. It was the best day of my life."

"I've never fished before. I can’t believe I caught a 26 inch Redfish. What a great day."

"I can’t believe how beautiful the beach was."

"Everything at the aquarium was so cool. My favorite part was getting splashed in the splash zone at the Dolphin Show."

Dellview staff and students expressed their gratitude to CCA and Texas Parks and Wildlife sponsors for making this field trip possible.

Dellview Leaders head to the ocean Dellview Leaders head to the ocean Dellview Leaders head to the ocean

Posted on November 8, 2012