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Congressman Joaquin castro tours jackson cafeteria

U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro was invited to visit with students at Jackson Middle School to learn more about NEISD's School Nutrition Services.

PALS students Stephanie Itumba and Kevin Fleisher walked Congressman Castro through the cafeteria and the lunch line. He wanted to see what students were eating and ask them about their favorite and least favorite items.

Students told him that sometimes they don't like to be forced to take a fruit or vegetable with their meal. They said sometimes it just ends up in the trash.

NEISD's Executive Director of School Nutrition Services Sharon Glosson said they are complying with USDA guidelines that changed approximately two years ago with influence from Michelle Obama. Louisa Kates, Director of School Nutrition, develops the cafeteria menus and is working to find a balance of healthy foods that students will actually eat.

"We still have those things you grew up eating, but your breakfast taco has a whole wheat tortilla," said Glosson. "The challenges we are facing is getting student acceptance of the food items."

Glosson said school districts in general are struggling with increased cost and waste, especially with fruits and vegetables.

Congressman Castro said he enjoyed meeting with the students and getting a firsthand look at what schools are serving. Congressman visits with students at Jackson Middle School.

Congressman Joaquin Castro visits with students at Jackson Middle School.

Congressman visits with students at Jackson Middle School.

Stephanie Itumba guides the congressman through the lunch line.

Congressman tours Jackson cafeteria

NEISD's Sharon Glosson speaks with Congressman Castro about the meal program.

Posted on June 2, 2014