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Clear Spring students get fencing lesson from Junior Olympian

Oksana Samorodova, a 2009 Silver medalist in the Junior Olympics and a 2011 Madison graduate, shared her expertise in fencing with more than 450 students at Clear Spring Elementary School on October 16 and 17.

Her family moved here from Russia 10 years ago and opened Alamo Fencing Academy. She first taught the students fencing footwork: advance, retreat, jump forward, duck, and lunge. Then each student, wielding a foam sword, put on a fencing mask and went head-to-head with a classmate.

Using the footwork introduced by Oksana, they attempted to poke their opponent while staying on their designated line.

"At first I was very nervous thinking we were going to use real swords,"said a third grade boy. "But then it was so cool learning about something that was totally new."

At the end of class each student had an opportunity to examine a real fencing weapon.

“Oksana’s visit has created so much excitement that my kids are already asking for more. Looks like we will need to teach a fencing unit,” said Coach May.

The Clear Spring community looks forward to observing Oksana's career as a fencer progress even further in the coming years--possibly in the 2016 Olympic games!

Clear Spring students get fencing lesson from Junior Olympian

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