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churchill and johnson wrestlers pin cancer

This season, the Churchill High School Wrestling Team hosted Johnson High School for a Pin Cancer Night. The event raised $1,500 for the Cancer Therapy and Research Center in San Antonio.

"When I started at Churchill in August one of the first things I asked my wrestling team to do was come up with some ways they could make an impact in the community," said Seth Livingston. "A couple of the guys on the team found the Pin Cancer Campaign."

The Pin Cancer Campaign was started in the fall of 2011 by two coaches from the Northern, NJ area. They wanted to help raise cancer awareness throughout the greater wrestling community.

Both wrestling teams set up a donation campaign and collected the $1,500 for the event. Churchill plans to host this event in coming years as well.


A photo of the fundraising event hosted by Churchill and Johnson was posted on the Pin Cancer website.

Posted on March 20, 2013