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Churchill latin students attend major convention

Twenty-six Churchill High School Latin students attended the South-Central Texas Junior Classical League Convention Saturday, Feb. 23, at Stevens High School in San Antonio, with their sponsor Matthew Kruebbe and over a thousand students from other area schools.

Churchill Latin students won 2nd place in sweepstakes out of 17 high schools in their division. Many students won awards and/or placed in the top 10 in various contests/events. Congratulations to the following:

Certamen – Quiz Bowl: Latin Grammar/Vocabulary, Mythology, Roman History, Ancient Life.
• Intermediate Certamen (Quizbowl) Team – 3rd place. (Katelyn Pitcher, Jennifer Kroeger, James Mehl, Jesus Alvarez)
• Advanced Certamen Team – 3rd place. (Olivia Delgado, Matthew Fuhrman)
• Novice Certamen (Quizbowl) – 5th place. (Samy Khalil, Jill Fuhrman, Nicky Casseb)

Individual Academic Events:
• Bacio Guido – 2nd – Advanced Latin Grammar, Level 3.
• Nicky Casseb – 2nd – Classical Geography.
• James Mehl – 3rd – advanced Latin Grammar, Level 2.
• Olivia Delgado – 3rd – Latin Vocabulary, Level 3.
• Samy Khalil – 4th – Elementary Latin Grammar; 9th Classical Decathlon (all topics).
• Jill Fuhrman – 5th – Classical Mythology.
• Raul Terroba – 5th – Latin Reading Comprehension.
• Jennifer Kroeger – 5th – Latin Mottoes and Quotations.
• Matthew Fuhrman – 5th – Roman History, level 3; 9th Classical Decathlon (all topics).
• Emily Paynter – 5th Roman History, level 2.
• Samantha Hindert – 5th – Greek Derivatives.
• Juan Herrera – 6th – Latin Vocabulary, level 1.
• Katelyn Pitcher – 8th – Classical Mythology.
• Robert Mendoza – 9th – Greek Derivatives.
• Austin Bell – 10th – Latin Reading Comprehension, level 1.

Fine Arts Events:
• Ian McHugh – 4th – Latin Dramatic Interpretation.
• Emily Paynter – 6th – Polychromatic Art.

Athletic Events:
• Sam Wagner – 1st – 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash.
Also Participating:
• Ben Johnson; Adam Gayda; Tanner Ford; Jesus Alvarez; Julia Jackola; Zac Baldassari.

* Junior Classical League is a state and national organization for Latin and Greek students promoting interest in the classical world and the profound influence of Greece and Rome upon history and modern life.

Posted on Feb. 28, 2013