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camelot fifth graders bring science to life

Camelot Elementary School students, parents and faculty were treated to a visit to the fifth-grade science wax museum on Friday, Dec. 14. 

The fifth-grade teachers were looking for a way to integrate reading and writing with science.  When it was time to read biographies in Language Arts, teacher Julie Vandertulip thought it would be a great idea to integrate the content areas.   

“It was such a great learning opportunity for our fifth graders," said Julie Vandertulip. “The students were able to read and write biographies while still learning great things about science."

Students were able to pick a famous scientist, and then they did research about them through books and the internet.  They then wrote a biography and summary about their scientist.  Since the students had worked so hard, it was important for them to show how much they learned at the wax museum. It was a great way to end the unit.  It was such a huge success, the teachers are hoping to make it an annual event.

Wax Museum Wax MuseumCamelot_waxmuseum

Top Left - Student Ryan portrays Albert Einstein

Top Right - Student Serenity takes the role of Mae Jamieson in Camelot's Wax Museum

Above - Student Gianni presents himself as Emile Berliner

Posted on December 21, 2012, updated January 7, 2013