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Camelot receives new gardens

Camelot Elementary School received new gardens donated by Lowe's. School staff expressed their appreciation to Bruce Harris, who won a grant from Lowe's that provided the money needed to build such the garden.

"Camelot Elementary School is so excited to have a new garden added to our campus this year!" said Stephanie Blue, Camelot instructional coach. "We are looking forward to growing and taking care of a variety of vegetables in the garden."

School staff were also appreciative of the work Drew Harris and Boy Scout Troop #346 did this summer in preparing the gardens for the new school year.

" They took time out of their summer to build the gardens so that our kids can have the real life experience of growing and harvesting their own food," said Blue. "We are looking forward to watching our students and vegetables grow with our new gardens."

Camelot receives new gardensCamelot receives new gardens

Posted on August 27, 2012