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camelot enjoys family fun knight

The Camelot Elementary School community was treated to a wonderful Family Fun Knight sponsored by the staff, PTA, Lifehouse Church, community volunteers, and Stuart Ellis Properties on Jan. 23.

The purpose of the event was to cultivate and continue to foster a positive school environment where students, staff, and parents could come together to have fun in a non-threatening atmosphere. The staff served more than 450 Camelot families a free spaghetti dinner, dessert, and then they were off to play a few carnival games sponsored by Lifehouse Church. Kids left with balloons, cupcakes, and toys in hand; it was a fun knight had by all!

“Family Fun Night was a huge success! Families and kids had a great time,” said Parent Sarah Hernandez.

“It was wonderful to see our school community come together and eat as individual families and as a school family. The night was filled with love and laughter and that’s what we wanted it to be about,” said Jill Raver, Camelot assistant principal.


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Posted on Feb. 8, 2013