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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month across the nation. NEISD's Board of Trustees approved the resolution to recognize this national campaign at its regular board meeting on May 13.

Judith Moening, Executive Director, Special Education, Leslie Redding, Program Coordinator, and Andrea Briceno, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist presented to the Board why this is so important.

This is an annual national campaign to inform the public about communication disorders. Approximately one of ten American families is affected by a communication disorder. Over 2 million children in the United States’ public schools receive services for communication disorders. More than 70% of poor readers and 85% of individuals with learning disabilities have a history of spoken language impairments.

Research has indicated most individuals with communication disorders can be helped by a speech-language pathologist, particularly in the case of children who are identified and served during their preschool years. For this reason, a campaign is conducted annually to increase awareness of the public about communication disorders and the services available to treat communication disorders.

Better Hearing and Speech Month


Posted on May 14, 2013