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NEISD Schools host Spelling bee competitions

Spelling Bee

Students throughout North East ISD stood in front of microphones to test their spelling skills, in the hopes to be crowned spelling bee champion. It's no easy task as the pressure builds throughout each round with all eyes focused on competitor. Below you will find the results from several spelling bee contests throughout NEISD. Many of the winners will compete in the San Antonio Express News Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, February 8, at the Laurie Auditorium.

Bulverde Creek Harmony Hills Redland Oaks Woodstone
Camelot Hardy Oak Stone Oak Ed White
Castle Hills Las Lomas Thousand Oaks Tejeda
East Terrell Hills Longs Creek Tuscany Heights Oak Grove
Encino Park Oak Meadow Wetmore Wilshire
Serna Roan Forest    


Bulverde Creek Elementary School


Tanner Clemons

Bulverde Creek Elementary School faculty and staff were impressed by the difficult words the third, fourth and fifth grade students were able to spell out at its Spelling bee on January 15. The school's 2013-2014 Spelling Bee Champion was fifth grader, Tanner Clemons, and the runner up was fifth grader, Braden Walls. The winning word was "cumbersome."





Camelot Elementary School

Vien Nguyen

Vien Nguyen

Camelot Elementary School's Spelling Bee was a big success on January 27. The big winner was fifth grade student, Vien Nguyen. The winning word for this year's competition was "infamous."







Castle Hills Elementary School


Guillian Paguila

It's obvious that Guillian Paguila studied his "i" before "e" rule before the Castle Hills Elementary School Spelling Bee on January 15. The fifth grader took home the big win by spelling out the word, "Freight."







East Terrell Hills Elementary School


Dallasstar Johnson

East Terrell Hills Elementary School was buzzing on January 10 as students competed in the school's spelling bee contest. Dallasstar Johnson, fourth grade, spelled the winning word, "congressional," taking home the win. Second place went to Abby Belle and third place was captured by Brianna Gonzalez.







Encino Park Elementary School

Spelling Bee Winners for Encino Park ES.

Ritvik Balachandar (left), Asher Honeycutt and Ashley Zamponi.

Congratulations to Ritvik Balachandar from Laura Morrison’s class for winning the 2014 Encino Park Elementary School Spelling Bee!  The runner-up is Asher Honeycutt from Suzanne Randolph’s class.  The marathon bee lasted 24 rounds, with the final two spellers competing head-to-head for the final 7 rounds.  Ritvik conquered words such as revanche, querulous, ventriloquy, and dirndl before finally clinching the title with ascot.  Asher tackled portmanteau, vestigial, cavalier, and bonsai before going out on the word redundant.  Congratulations also to Ashley Zamponi from Morrison’s class for placing third. 


Harmony Hills Elementary School

The Harmony Hills Elementary School Spelling Bee took place back in November and broke a campus record as it took more than 20 rounds to reveal a winner. Harmony Hills teacher, Shauna Gonzalez, was proud to know that one of her 4th graders took home the trophy.


Hardy Oak Elementary School

Rae Xin

Rae Xin

Holy Mackerel! Hardy Oak Elementary School has some great spellers. Fifth grade student, Rae Xin, won the campus spelling bee contest with the word, "Mackerel." Rae beat out two tough fourth grade competitors, Ben Dyson from Kristin Basham's class and Chloe Halsell from Erica Siller's class. A total of 26 fourth and fifth graders participated in a memorable competition and the campus is looking forward to Rae's success in the upcoming regional competition.





Las Lomas Elementary School

Las Lomas

Dhru Patel

Las Lomas Elementary School is happy to announce that Dhru Patel will represent the Roaring Lions at the City Spelling Bee on February 8 at Trinity University. On December 19, after 15 rounds of the school’s spelling competition, Dhru won the Bee with the word “enviable”. The students began preparing for the contest by practicing words at home and also Monday afternoons at school. All fourteen of the contestants should feel proud of how hard they worked to represent their homeroom classes. Now, all of Las Lomas looks forward to wishing Dhru good luck and “roaring” success at the City Bee.



Longs Creek Elementary School


Faris Haghamed

The Longs Creek Elementary School Spelling Bee Contest took place on January 15. Faris Haghamed can now brag to his fellow classmates that he knows how to spell, "Histrionics," the winning word for the competition. Faris has his eyes set to compete in the National Spelling Bee in D.C.







Oak Grove Elementary School

Oak Grove

Haily Roman, fifth grade student in Lisa Resendez-Espinoza's class was the winner of this year's Oak Grove Elementary School Spelling Bee. She will move on to compete in the city Spelling Bee. The entire faculty and staff wish her luck as she hopes to move on and compete in Washington D.C.





Oak Meadow Elementary School


Lucia Follman

Oak Meadow Elementary School's annual Spelling Bee took place on January 10. The top two spellers from each class in grades third through fifth competed as parents cheered them on. After a total of 12 rounds the winning word was, "complacency," spelled by fifth grader Lucia Follman - earning her the spelling bee championship for the third year in a row.






Redland Oaks Elementary School

Walker Franks

Walker Franks

It's a good thing Walker Franks, fifth grader at Redland Oaks Elementary School, was sharp on his science vocabulary words. On January 10, Walker took home the Spelling Bee Championship with the word, "genetic."







Roan Forest Elementary School

Pranav Billa

Pranav Billa

On January 17, Roan Forest Elementary held its annual School Wide Spelling Bee in preparation for the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  After eighteen rounds of fierce competition, Pranav Billa, a Fifth Grader, spelled “ostracism” to claim the win.  Pranav was one of twenty-three students that competed in the oral competition at Roan Forest. Congratulations to Pranav Billa and all of the participants who worked so hard to prepare.  The campus is looking forward to next year’s Spelling Bee! 





Serna Elementary School


The third, fourth and fifth graders at Serna Elementary School participated in the annual spelling bee on Tuesday, January 28. The schools winner, 4th grader Kayla Carraway, did a fantastic job! The school wishes Kayla good luck in the city wide spelling bee.





Stone Oak Elementary School

Stone Oak Winner

Ammar Thayani

Round and round, how far will they go? The Stone Oak Elementary School Spelling Bee Contest was a nail biter at the end as fifth grader Ammar Thayani and fourth grader Ananya Lertpradist went head-to-head for the last 5 rounds. After a total of 12 rounds, Ammar grasped the title of Stone Oak's 2014 spelling bee champion with the word "hackamore."

Ammar with finalist Ananya

Ammar with fellow finalist, Ananya.



Thousand Oaks Elementary School

Thousand Oaks

Amber Del Angel

Thousand Oaks Elementary School is proud to announce Amber Del Angel as its Spelling Bee Champion for the 2013-2014 school year. Held on December 13, Amber's ticket to first place was the word, "sketch."







Tuscany Heights Elementary School

Tuscany Heights Winner

Sweny Maredia

Tuscany Heights Elementary School was held on the fourth annual oral spelling bee on January 17. The school's winning student was fifth grader Sweny Maredia. Her winning word was, "afficionado." The top 28 fourth and fifth grade spellers completed a written spelling bee on January 10, with the top twelve spellers from that group moving on to the oral competition. In the end, it took 22 rounds to reveal a winner.






Wetmore Elementary School

Hannah of Wetmore ES.

Hannah Kim

Hannah Kim, fourth grader at Wetmore Elementary School, could not be happier as she took home the spelling bee championship on January 9. Hannah captured the win with the word, "furlough."








Wilshire Elementary School


Wilshire held its annual spelling bee on Monday, January 27. After several rounds, 5th grader Amanda Quinonez from Mrs. Melissa Nelson's class took the win! She competed in several rounds against finalist Makayla Bumpers before becoming the school champ! Wilshire is very proud of Amanda, and we wish her
well at the city-wide bee on February 8.





Woodstone Elementary School

Spelling Bee Winner;

Jocelyn Rivera

The contest began with 25 students and quickly narrowed to two in the eighth round. Fifth grade student, Jocelyn Rivera, successfully spelled "murderous," and took home the big win on January 13. Read the full story here.








Ed White Middle School

White MS Winner

Gabriella Accurso

Ed White Middle School played host to its spelling bee contest on December 7. Sixth grader Gabriella Accurso took home the championship. Ed White teacher, Vida Flloyd, is confident that Gabriella has what it takes to the national championship in Washington, D.C.






Tejeda Middle School

Tejeda Middle School's annual Spelling Bee Contest took place on January 14. An exciting 29 rounds produced winner, Amanda Krupa, a seventh grader at the campus. The championship word was "signify."

Posted on January 28, 2014