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NEISD Celebrates National Grandparents' Day

They give you the best gifts, tell you the best stories and bake you the best cookies—you guessed it, grandparents. After all they do for loved ones every day, Grandparents' Day is a time for many to return the favor. On Sept. 6, schools throughout North East ISD hosted Grandparents' Day celebrations filled with delicious food, fun games and big hugs. Check out the great moments captured below.

Camelot Grandparent's Day

A grand time was had by all at the Camelot Elementary School Grandparents Breakfast. The cafeteria was full of happy children with their grandparents enjoying breakfast and a fun craft. They also will enjoy seeing pictures of the fun event in their school library bulletin board.

Camelot Grandparents

Stahl Grandparents Stahl grandparents
Stahl Grandparents Stahl Grandparents'
PTA hosted Grandparents' Day at Stahl Elementary School. Over 3 days grandparents were invited to eat lunch with their grandchildren in the cafeteria. Grandparents were given a poem momento of the event.
Everyone had a great time!


Grandparent's Day at Wilshire ES.

Wilshire Elementary School hosted a Grandparents' Day Luncheon in honor of all that its grandparents do to support students. Grandparents were able to eat lunch with their grandchildren and take a special picture to commemorate the event. Many volunteers came out to help honor our grandparents, including the Wilshire PTA and volunteers from Fort Sam Houston.

Castle Hills Grandparent's Day Castle Hills Grandparent's Day
Castle Hills Grandparent's Day
Castle Hills Elementary School students had a great time eating lunch with their grandparents.

Serna Grandparent's Day

Serna Elementary School invited grandparents to read with their grandchildren in the library.

Serna Grandparent's Day Serna Grandparent's Day

Ed White Grandparent's Day

Ed White Middle School enjoyed hosting Grandparents' Day on September 6. Grandparents were welcomed to the library, enjoyed treats and coffee, then toured the building with their grandchild. Check out the video they created!

Regency Place celebrates Grandparent's Day

Regency Place opened it's doors to warmly welcome over 100 grandparents and special friends!  On this special day, grandparents were invited into the classrooms where they participated in "morning meetings", creative spotlight interviews, and other fun activities with their special students.  After classroom visits, they were invited into the library to partake in an appreciation breakfast and were given a handmade glass stone  "Love You to the Moon and Back" magnet to commemorate their morning.

Lee HS Grandparent's Day

Lee High School students invited their grandparents to the campus for lunch.

Lee Grandparent's Day Lee HS Grandparent's Day


Grandparent's Day at Regency Place.
Grandparent's Day at Regency Place.


Olmos Grandparent's Day

Olmos Elementary School grandparents were given the honor of visiting their grandchildren in their classrooms. It has been years since many of our grandparents were in a classroom. We gladly opened the doors of our school and made them feel at home interacting with their grandchildren.

Oak Grove Grandparent's Day

Grandparents' at Oak Grove Elementary School were invited to the cafeteria to do fun activities with the grandchildren as well as enjoy coffee and cookies.

Oak Grove Grandparent's Day

Stone Oak

Stone Oak Elementary School hosted Grandparents' Day activities in the school library.

Stone Oak

Stone Oak Stone oak


Jackson Keller

Jackson-Keller grandparents had a great time reading books in the library with their loved ones, as well as visiting their classrooms.

Jackson KellerJackson Keller




Posted on September 6, 2013 - Last Updated on September 25, 2013