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NEISD educators thanked for supporting future teachers

Student Teacher/Cooperating Teacher Reception

Future educators and their mentors were given a warm welcome at this year’s Student Teacher/Cooperating Teacher Reception on Oct. 23. The event is held twice a year in an effort to formally thank district teachers for their participation in working with a student who is joining the field of education. For principals, it’s an opportunity to meet prospective candidates that will support the district in Transforming the Future.

Made possible by the Human Resources Staff Development Department, a total of 118 student teachers were placed in NEISD schools this fall. In addition to the placement of student interns, student observers, field experience students and practicum students, the HR Staff Development Department has helped more than 414 students meet their education requirements since the start of school.



The audience at the event. The audience at the event.
The audience enjoys a good laugh at the event. Student teachers introduce their mentors.


Posted on October 30, 2013