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NEISD presents Robotics Showcase

Robotics medals

The gears were grinding at Churchill High School on May 18, as students from more than thirty-five NEISD Elementary Schools gathered to compete in student-designed robotics challenges using a theme of Time Travel.

Cafeteria tables were arranged to create a large arena in which the elementary school students put their programmable robots through an obstacle course. The parents sat on the outside of the arena watching as students put their robots to the test. Each course had a theme, such as the cardboard recreation of Main Street from "Back To The Future," an English police call box similar to "Dr Who's" TARDIS, and a course populated by dinosaurs resembling a "The Land That Time Forgot" scene.

Students were required to take their robots back to their programming station, then return to see if the robots executed the commands. Since this was more of an exhibition and not a competition, each student was awarded a medal.

Student and robot. Students competing with robots.
Robotics. LEGO robot



Posted on May 21, 2013