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Military dad back from middle east surprises daughters

A truly happy father is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. That special moment came to fruition twice for Staff Sgt. Shannon Trotter on May 30. After serving a year in Afghanistan in the Marines, Trotter decided to kick-off his return home by surprising his two daughters in school. Alexis Trotter was surprised in her fifth grade class at Wilderness Oak Elementary School and her older sister Aisha Trotter, an eleventh grader at Reagan High School, was surprised in her JROTC class.

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The start of the morning may have been the same routine for Alexis and Aisha, but their dad—who has been serving in the Marines for eighteen years—quickly changed that. “They’re going to be very excited,” said Trotter when asked how his daughters may react. “You may see a tear or two from me.” Both campuses came up with cover stories explaining why media personnel were in the classroom so the girls wouldn’t be suspicious.

The surprised faces of both Alexis and Aisha were priceless when they saw their father come in with arms wide open. Staff Sgt. Trotter presented an American flag from the battlefields of Afghanistan to Reagan High School, during his visit with Aisha.

The girls and their parents now plan on taking a family vacation to Walt Disney World this summer.

Alexis reacts to her dad visting her class.Alexis looks in surprise as her dad enters her classroom after serving a year in the Middle East.

Alexis and her dad take a look at each other.

Trotter holds Alexis.Alexis was speechless after getting a big hug from her dad.

Aisha reacts during her renion with her father.Aisha (pictured second to the left) said, "That's my dad!" as he entered the classroom.

Trotter gives his daughter a hug.Aisha's fellow JROTC classmates clapped and cheered during her renion with her dad.

Trotter presents American flag.Trotter presents an American flag and Certificate of Authenticity to Principal Bill Boyd from the Marines for the campus to display.

Family together.The Trotter family, (L to R) mom, Maritza Trotter, Aisha, Staff Sgt. Trotter and Alexis take a trip down the hall and head out to enjoy the rest of the day all together as a family.

Posted on May 30, 2013