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Students excited about summer break

Last day of school

Seniors will take the stage, entering the next step in life.

North East ISD teachers may have noticed bigger smiles and louder laughs today and the reason for that is simple—it’s the last day of school. Students throughout the district woke up this morning with a little more pep in their step than usual as they look forward to summer break.

“As in any other school district, NEISD has had fun moments and serious moments over the year,” said Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, superintendent of schools. “I attribute our successes to our district administration and staff, our parents and the reason that we are all here—our students.”

The students, administration and staff, have survived 187 days of intense learning, quizzing and testing. Summer break will give everyone the opportunity to stop and take a breath before the 2013-2014 school year kicks off on Monday, August 26. Have a safe and fun summer break and don’t forget the sun block!

Cibolo Green celebrates last day of school.

Cibolo Green students had a "Clap Out" before the bell rang on the last day of school. All students in the school lined the hallways to celebrate their fifth grade class and wish them good luck in middle school.

Cibolo Green's clap off. Cibolo Green's clap off. Cibolo Green's clap off.


Students at Luna hold flowers for their teachers.

Student's at Jackson-Keller brought flowers to their teachers to celebrate the last day of school.

Kids hanging out.

It's not hard to tell that these students from Wilderness Oak are ready to get summer vacation started after their fifth grade ceremony.

Students show spurs spirit on last day.

Fifth graders at Larkspur show their San Antonio Spurs spirit on their last day of school.


Fourth period class at Lopez.
Melanie Striffler's 4th period class at Lopez got together for a last day of school group photo.

Superintendent award winner holding certificate
No better day to win a Superintendent's Award for Rease Young of Stahl Elementary School.

Students popping bubbles.
Students still had energy to pop bubbles during bus dissmisal at Hardy Oak ES.

School Rocks
This may be the last time this first grader gets to use her Star Wars ruler for a few months.



Posted on June 6, 2013