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NEISD's Health Program influences statewide legislation

North East ISD’s Healthy Lifestyles program recently played a role in the passing of Texas House Bill 897 in June. This legislation will ensure that all students in the state of Texas receive a basic 30-minute CPR training course prior to high school graduation. With course curriculum including the instruction and training of CPR, First Aid, and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), the Healthy Lifestyles program was utilized as a model to answer legislator questions regarding the proposed measure.

NEISD’s involvement in the new legislation stems from its longstanding partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA). Focusing on heart disease and stroke prevention, AHA has regularly recognized NEISD for going above and beyond when it comes to providing health education.

Rachel naylor with awards

Rachel Naylor is proud to have received the awards presented to her at the August board meeting, but is even more proud of the NEISD Healthy Lifestyles program leaders.

AHA requested the expertise of Rachel Naylor, NEISD Director of P.E., Health and Athletics to assist in getting the bill passed because of her integral role in the curriculum development of Healthy Lifestyles. This included several trips to the Texas State Capitol to discuss implementation of the measure. Naylor was recognized for her efforts at the August NEISD Board of Trustees meeting with a plaque and case containing the American flag that flew over Austin the day the bill was passed. Additionally, a $1,000 check was presented to the district’s Educational Foundation by Circle of Red Chair Carri Baker Wells.

“CPR is very near and dear to my heart,” said Naylor. “My own dad was saved at 52 years old with CPR and First Aid training by our next door neighbor.”

Speaking on their experiences, three young ladies from the Johnson High School volleyball team accompanied Naylor in Austin. The students used critical skills learned in their CPR/First Aid class to help a man who collapsed in front of them at a football game last year. The students served as an example of the good things that could come from empowering thousands of students across Texas with an essential life-saving skill.

“I feel on a regular basis that our students are constantly going to be around situations where they are given the opportunity to act on a situation,” said Naylor. “Our jobs are to give all the tools to our students to be successful, giving them the ability to live healthy long lives.”

AHA will work with districts to implement the new measure for the 2014-2015 school year.

Posted on August 19, 2013