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Important changes to the high school schedule

For the 2010-2011 school year, the district will replace the high school A/B schedule with a seven-period day. NEISD has been discussing the move to a seven-period day for several years, and has seen other districts similar in size to NEISD successfully make the change. The district has maintained the high school schedule because of the wide appeal to high school students and their families, but can no longer afford to do so.  

The district's Board of Trustees voted to declare the need for financial exigency and programmatic changes at a public meeting on October 19, 2009. This resolution gives authority to the superintendent and district staff to implement expenditure reductions like the replacement of the A/B schedule.

Below you will find the latest updates about the A/B schedule.

Parent Letter, October 14, 2009 ( English | en Español)

Replacing the A/B Schedule: Myth vs. Fact (video)

Determining the Need to Declare Financial Exigency (pdf/presentation)

NEISD declares financial emergency (October 19, 2009)

Transitioning to a Seven-Period Day: Frequently Asked Questions

View a presentation demonstrating the change from the A-B block schedule to a 7-period day.