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NEISD schools honor lives lost on 9/11

Several campuses at North East ISD honored Patriots Day by remembering the nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11. From flag ceremonies to patriotic decorations, faculty and students took time out of their day to reflect on the tragedy that will never be forgotten.

MacArthur September 11 tribute

The morning rain added to the solemn atmosphere at MacArthur High School as the campus paid a Patriot Day tribute to the lives lost on September 11. JROTC staff and first sergeants lowered the flags at half-staff in conjunction with the first period Pledge of Allegiance and Texas pledge. The campus observed a moment of silence, giving faculty and staff the opportunity to reflect on the tragedy that took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, 12 years ago today.  

MacArthur Sept 11 tribute MacArthur September 11 tribute
MacArthur Sept 11 tribute

Roosevelt Flag Ceremony

Roosevelt High School JROTC program sponsored a ceremony in remembrance of those who were lost through terrorist attacks in 2001. The Patriot's Day ceremony was held on the drill pad in front the JROTC building and was supported by an excellent turnout of attendees including First Responders from the city of Windcrest, Roosevelt High School Principle Melvin Echard, and members of the administration, staff and student body.

The Rough Rider Battalion, NEISD's largest Corps of Cadets, formed into five companies while a narrative was spoken by the public relations officer, Cadet Captain Peter Arrellano. Cadets then ceremoniously raised the American flag to half-staff, followed by the playing of Taps, and a moment of silence during a commemorative wreath setting by Mr. Echard and the battalion's commander, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Evan Pape.

Due to the exceptional cooperation between the organizers, the ceremony proceeded uninterrupted by the rain that ensued shortly after. The narrative was also read later in the day during the public announcements for those unable to attend the ceremony. The ceremony's narrative ended by quoting a proclamation made in 2009 by President Barack Obama for Patriot's Day with "... We go forward together as one people". Roughrider Pride is Alive.

Roosevelt Flag Ceremony Roosevelt Flag Ceremony

Lopez Patriots Day

The 9/11 rememberance day went very nicely at Lopez Middle School. The students and faculty presented a sea of patriotic colors as most wore variations of red, white and blue. The teachers had American Flag Ribbons on their lanyards courtesy of the P.T.A. The history department taught every student the significance of 9/11 and Patriot's day. The day started off with a touching morning announcement followed by a moment of silence for those fallen on 9/11 and in gratitude for all patriots who have served and are serving.

Here is a portion of the morning announcement:

We Remember

1. We remember the lives lost on that terrible day twelve years ago, to include their loved ones who had to go on without them.
2. We remember the workers who tried to save others and sacrificed their own lives in doing so; the firemen, policemen and paramedics.
3. We remember all who witnessed the horror, those who saw it firsthand and the millions who saw it live on T.V.
4. We remember all those who volunteered afterward to give their own blood to help others.
5. We remember all the clean-up crews and all people who volunteered hours and money to help the victims of 911.
6. We remember all those who joined the police force, fire department and military services in wanting to help their community, their country.
7. We remember the tears that were shed and the closeness that we all felt as fellow Americans; ready to face whatever came next united together.
8. We remember the sense of pride and patriotism that swelled like a mighty wave which washed over this country in the days to follow.
9. We remember those missing who were never recovered on that tragic day.
10. We remember the heroes who stepped up to help, especially the civilians on flight 93 who said, “Let's Roll”.

Posted on September 11, 2013