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I Mustache (Must-ask) You to Read about Teen Read Week at Lopez


This Lopez student went with a classic "handlebar" mustache as she shows off her favorite book, Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Teen Read Week at Lopez Middle School Library has taken a hairy turn this year. Faculty, staff and students were sharing their favorite books with each other by taking a photo with a book and sporting a new mustache in the photo.

Librarian, Roxanne Jenke, set up stations in the library for anyone at Lopez Middle School to share their favorite book by taking a photo with it on the library's Apple iPads. Then, they added a fun mustache and encouraged others to read the book they recommended.

Those who were unable to stop by were able to send in their "I Mustache You to Read" photo by adding a mustache through the "I love Mustache" app and emailing their photo to the Lopez Library. This was also a great time to pick up a new book from the library. Lopez students were also involved in a "Mustache Mystery" where hidden mustaches were found in books throughout the library. Find a mustache and win a prize!

This was a great week for the Lopez Panthers as they continued their READ 25 Book Challenge/1 Million Word campus wide reading promotion.

Dr. Lanford

No that is not a circus "Strongman." That is Dr. Barry Lanford, principal at Lopez.

Display Case

Lopez Middle School is working hard to promote the importance of reading to students.

Posted on October 24, 2013