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Lopez pals honor peers with blue and gold award

As a school that represents a Medal of Honor recipient, PALS students at Lopez Middle School didn't hesitate to recognize fellow classmates with qualities that reflect those displayed by Mr. Jose M. Lopez - the school's namesake.

Lopez PALS will be awarding students with the Lopez Blue and Gold Award. The objective and purpose of the recognition is to place emphasis on the good qualities of Lopez students, bring awareness of students supporting students and to give recognition to the students that have demonstrated one of the Blue/Gold characteristics.

The qualities of the Blue and Gold award are as follows: Service, Courage, Leadership, and Kindness. Students nominate peers by writing statements about a peer; sharing how one or more of the characteristics of the Blue and Gold Award were demonstrated. Students will be awarded certificates on the morning announcements, their picture and name will be posted on Blue and Gold Wall.

Blue and Gold awardees

The first recipients of the Blue and Gold award are Micah McMahon and Elise Frescas.

Posted on February 21, 2014