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Lopez blacks out tobacco

Say no to smoking

Lopez Middle School said no to smoking on Feb. 20 by wearing black. This year’s theme is “Black Out Tobacco”.

Students and faculty alike wore black as a sign of saying no to smoking. The morning started out with the Winner's Circle Students from Reagan High School passing out stickers, tattoos and other little prizes that had messages of the dangers of smoking to the students as they arrived at both the bus stop, parent drop off area and outside concourses where the students gather before school.

The students were excited to receive the items that were given with an anti-smoking slogan. Last week as well as this week's morning announcements were informing the students of the health risks of smoking such as causing a decreased life span, yellow teeth, bad breath and pre-mature wrinkling and anti-smoking posters adorned the halls. The healthy message of not picking up this expensive, un-healthy habit was well received and the day dressed in black left everyone in an upbeat mood.

Say No To Smoking

A Reagan student hands a Lopez student an anti-smoking awareness sticker.


Posted on February 21, 2014