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Lopez recognized with "School to Watch" national award

Students show support
Lopez students (L to R) Traven, Chloe, Maddie, Julianna and Samantha show their school pride at the event.

“A student who is involved with Lopez, is a student that is successful,” said Dr. Barry Lanford, principal at Lopez Middle School. The energetic campus leader highlighted the many academic, athletic, and fine arts achievements of the school as the entire faculty, staff and students gathered to be recognized as a 2013 School to Watch®. Executive Director Cecil Floyd of Texas Schools to Watch presented the campus with an honorary banner to display at the school, on May 17.

“For many schools, they are so concerned about their student body’s ability to take tests, that it becomes the primary thing that you hear first about,” said Cecil Floyd as he addressed the students before presenting the national award. “I was so impressed this morning with seeing all…the creative courses that make you the person that you are going to be in the future.”

The initiative launched by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform, identifies schools across the United States that are well on their way to meeting its high performance standards. These standards focus on the entire educational structure of a campus, from academics to student resources.

“You get this award because the student, faculty and parents in this area work together,” said Floyd.

North East ISD was home to two out of the four schools announced as Schools to Watch statewide. Tejeda Middle School was awarded their banner in April.

Faculty and PTA hold up banner.(L to R) PTA Member Amy Fritz, eighth grader and emcee of the event, Jeremy Ritter, PTA President Deanna Miller, PTA Member Samantha Kennedy and Assistant Principal Pete Darnall hold up their "School to Watch" banner to be displayed in the campus.

Choir performanceThe Lopez choir was one of the many fine arts groups that performed during the celebration.

Dr. Gottardy recognizes the school.Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, superintendent of schools, addresses the campus as he recognized the faculty, staff, students and surrounding community for their involvement in helping Lopez to earn the national award.


Posted on May 17, 2013